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Soldiers in the North Dakota Army National Guard are invited to participate in the RRB's ND1000 Leads to Enlistment Program and earn $1,00 per eligible enlistment

**NOTICE: ND1000 (payment of $1000) is only applicable for leads entered in the Guard app/AFRISS-TF March 1st, 2023 and thereafter. Leads entered October 1st, 2022 to February 28th, 2023 would be subject to ND500 (payment of $500) terms and conditions.

ND1000 Terms & Conditions

NDNG service members wishing to participate in the “ND1000” bonus program agree to comply with the terms and conditions set forth below:

1-1. Definitions

a. Lead:
The name, address and phone number of someone who may be interested or has expressed interest in joining the NDNG. In order to be considered an eligible lead, the lead must be entered into the North Dakota Army National Guard Application under ND1000, herein referred to as “app.”, to be considered and eligible lead. Leads will remain in the app. for 365 days. If the eligible lead does not enlist or assess into the NDNG within 365 days or less, the lead will be considered “dead” and will be removed from the app. A Lead removed from the app. is no longer considered an eligible lead. A Lead removed from the app. must be re-entered into the app. in order to be considered an eligible lead.

b. Prospect:
An individual who has agreed to an appointment with or has meet with a recruiter.

c. Applicant:
A person who is prequalified and desires voluntary enlistment in the National Guard and is being considered for entry.

d: Eligible Enlistee:
An applicant who has been found eligible and who has been accepted for enlistment/accession in the NDNG. The following categories of eligible enlistees, if entered into the app. are eligible for the ND1000 program: Non-Prior Service recruits, Qualified and Non-Qualified Prior Service Recruits, Interstate Transfers, and Officer Prior Service Transfers and Officer Interstate Transfers. Exclusions apply to Prior service enlistments that are In-service recruits or processing through Reserve Component Career Counselors (RCCCs).

e. Recruit:
A person newly enlisted/accessed into the NDNG; however, not yet fully trained.

f. Eligible Former Member:
A former member of the NDNG who was separated with an Honorable characterization of service. Former members of the NGND must provide verification of Honorable service in a form of either NGB 22, DD214 or a discharge/retirement order showing proof of Honorable characterization of service.

g. Assistant:
An individual who is eligible and has completed a “ND1000” Assistant Agreement. Assistant must remain in compliance with the terms of the “ND1000” Assistant Agreement and must assist or help in locating interested individual to join the NDNG. The following categories of individuals are eligible to participate in this program:

(1) Currently Serving NDNG Soldier or Airman.
(2) Former Members of the NDNG (who separated with an Honorable characterization of service).
(3) The following categories of individuals are not eligible to participate in the “ND1000” program, even if otherwise categorized as eligible.

(a) Any Soldier or Airman whose primary duty or employment is recruiting, to include full-time or part-time duty, and includes Active Duty for Operational Support or a temporary recruiting position and anyone assigned to or that works for the Recruiting Command in a fulltime capacity.
(b) Any Soldier or Airman whose primary duty or employment is with a Junior or Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps.
(c) For Army National Guard only: Pre-IET Soldiers (Soldiers assigned to Recruit Sustainment Program).
(d) A military member in any pay status who is supporting or working a recruiting/lead generating event or mission.
(e) Immediate family members of any individual in the groups above in category (1) or (2).

h. Recruiter:
A person whose job is to enlist or assess members into the North Dakota Army or Air National Guard and assigned or attached to the respective recruiting command.

i. "ND1000" Assistant Agreement:
An agreement entered between the NDNG and an eligible assistant that provides a new or prior service lead who enlisted/accessed into the NDNG as a result of their efforts, mentorship, and assistance. (See Appendix A)

j. "ND1000" Assistant Payment:
The State of North Dakota shall compensate an assistant in the amount of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) per new or prior service lead who enlists or accesses into the NDNG as a result of the assistant’s individual effort, mentorship, and assistance. The payment will be made in a lump sum, upon verified enlistment. Authorized categories are listed below (officer and enlisted ranks):

(1) Non-Prior Service
(2) Prior Service Accession (*excluding Interservice Transfers through Reserve Component Career Counselor and In-Service Recruiters)
(3) Interstate Transfer (IST)

1-2. Availability of Appropriated Funds

All “ND1000” Assistant Payments are subject to the availability of appropriated funds. The Adjutant General reserves the right to reduce or terminate funding for the “ND1000” program. In the event an Assistant has submitted a qualifying lead, and a determination is made that appropriated funds are no longer available, the assistant will be notified in writing of this determination.

1-3. Duties of the "ND1000" Assistant

a. The assistant shall be available to their lead through all levels of their enlistment including initial contact, prospect, application, recruitment, and shipment to initial entry training to provide information, guidance, encouragement, mentorship, and support.

b. The assistant shall perform other duties related to the enlistment action as deemed necessary or directed, in writing by The Adjutant General.

1-4. Integrity of the "ND1000" Program

Fraud and/or abuse associated with the “ND1000” Program will not be tolerated. Assistant’s will only submit leads generated primarily through their own efforts or relationships. Assistants will not submit a lead provided to them by, or on behalf of, a non-eligible person. Those violating this provision, regardless of intent, may be subject to administrative or punitive action, to include removal as an assistant and loss of payment eligibility.

1-5. "ND1000" Conflicts and Dispute Resolution

a. The Deputy Adjutant General shall be the final arbiter of any dispute involving the payment or non-payment of any funds to a “ND1000” Assistant. Misconduct or abuse of this program will be addressed through the military chain of command, for serving military members, and through applicable law and regulation for civilians.

b. In the event of conflict between the language of this regulation and the “ND1000” Assistant Agreement, the language of the regulation governs.

1-6. "ND1000" Assistant Payment.

a. The State of North Dakota will process the payment to the assistant for the sum of $1,000.00 for services provided by the assistant and pursuant to the assistant agreement. A Soldier or Airman must enter into a separate assistant agreement for each lead provided. When that lead is enlisted/accessed into the NDNG as a result of the assistant’s efforts, the documented assistant will receive $1,000.00 in lump sum.

b. The total number of compensated leads for an individual during a fiscal year will not exceed ten (10) unless the Director of the Joint Staff, through an appointed official, performs an audit of the circumstances to confirm full “ND1000” compliance.

c. “ND1000” Assistant payments are taxable income and shall be reported on a Form 1099 to the respective tax authorities by the State of North Dakota.

d. The State of North Dakota uses a specific pay process through the State of North Dakota Accounting System called PeopleSoft. To participate in “ND1000” enrollment/registration in PeopleSoft is mandatory. This is accomplished by submitting a Form W-9 and Direct Deposit form to the State Admin Office to ensure timely and accurate payment. A voided check or bank provided verification (bank letter) is a mandatory requirement for all submissions.

1-7. Relationship to the State of North Dakota.

Participation in the “ND1000” program does not qualify the Assistant as an employee or agent of the State of North Dakota. Actions conducted by the Assistant to generate a qualifying lead will not qualify the assistant for any benefits or protections provided to employees or agents of the State of North Dakota. Only NDNG members in a valid status will be entitled to the protections and benefits offered under the laws of the State of North Dakota and of the United States.

1-8. Compatibility with the laws of the United States and the State of North Dakota.

If at any time it is determined a payment payable to an Assistant will result in a violation of Federal or state law, the Assistant will be notified in writing and disqualified from receiving said payment.

1-9. Agreement to Terms and Conditions Required.

All Assistants are required to agree to and comply with the terms and conditions set forth below. Assistant’s must certify that they have read and agree to the terms and conditions set forth below, by signing and dating the appropriate block on the “ND1000” Assistant Agreement form.

1-10. Failure to Comply with “ND1000” Terms and Conditions.

Violations of the “ND1000” Terms and conditions, regardless of intent, shall be grounds for disqualification from receiving an “ND1000” Assistant Payment for submission of an otherwise qualifying lead. Assistants who willfully or intentionally violate the terms and conditions of the “ND1000” program with the intent to defraud the NDNG or The State of North Dakota may face punitive action or administrative action, and/or be reported to law enforcement.

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